This article descirbe the troubleshooting of failing to connectt Milesight gateways to TTNv2.

IMPORTANT: The Things Network is moving to The Things Stack (V3). Registrations of new gateways in The Things Network V2 clusters will be disabled in June 2021. The Things Network V2 clusters will shut down in December 2021.


1. Check Network Connection

Check gateway network connection by ping or other valid URL in Maintenance -> Tools -> Ping. If network is disconnect, please refer to article Fail to Access the Network of Milesight Gateway for troubleshooting.

Note: Discovery server address for TTN package forwarder server is restricted to access by some Internet Service Providers. Please contact your ISP and TTN for more information about it.


2. Ensure Correct Settings

The Things Network provides two types of packet forwarders that can be running on Milesight LoRaWAN gateway:

  • SemtechUDP Packet forwarder
  • TTN Packet forwarder

Detailed info about every connection step please refer to article How to Connect Milesight Gateway to TTN v2. Here are tips for both settings:

  • Enable I’m using the legacy packet forwarder if you use Semtech type to connect gateway to TTN v2. Instead, keep the box as disabled.
  • Ensure the gateway ID in gateway web GUI matches TTN gateway ID/gateway EUI settings. Gateway ID is the same as Gateway EUI by default in gateway. You can also define a unique ID when using TTN package forwarder. For example uggateway.

Note: every gateway ID/EUI can be registered to TTN only once. If you delete it, this ID/EUI can not be added again.

  • Frequency settings in TTN is the same as gateway Packet Forwarder->Radio settings.

Click here to refer to frequency settings used in TTN.

Click here to check what region every Router address point to.

3. Frequency-Sync Settings

Go to Packet Forwarder->General page of gateway to select the Frequency-Sync as the TTN connection you added.


If you need any help for deeper trouble-shooting, feel free to contact Milesight Technical Support. You can also click here to get more info about Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway.